A new article in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) explores the role of a woman’s vaginal microbiome in infertility. The story features our collaborators in Denmark who have launched a study to determine if Lactin-V could be used to restore a more optimal vaginal microbiome, and thus boost the chance that a woman struggling with infertility might get pregnant.

The study’s design rests in large part on prior research, published in 2016 in the journal Human Reproduction, which found that just 9% of Danish women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), who also had abnormal vaginal microbiota, got pregnant versus 44% among those with a more optimal balance.

Ose’s founder and chairman Dr. Peter Lee and director of product development Tom Parks were interviewed for the story, along with some of the researchers in Denmark.

“I view this vaginal microbiome as almost like a second immune system for women—it really protects women from all kinds of things,” Dr. Lee told GEN.

Read the full article online here: https://www.genengnews.com/gen-exclusives/the-potential-role-of-vaginal-microbiota-in-fertility/77901058