Harnessing the microbiome
to improve health

Osel, Inc. is pioneering a new class of medicine called Live Biotherapeutic Products that modulate the body’s natural microbiome to restore health and prevent infection.

The power of live biotherapeutics


Unique focus on women's health


Two products in clinical trials


Nature Medicine Article Features Osel

Osel was featured in a recent article in Nature Medicine, “Living therapeutics: Scientist genetically modify bacteria to deliver drugs,” by Amy Maxmen. The article profiles our Director of Research Laurel Lagenaur and her work at Osel to investigate ways to manipulate bacteria to express HIV-inhibiting proteins, and other work to develop LACTIN-V, our live biotherapeutic drug candidate for bacterial vaginosis. Recent research has suggested that women with chronic bacterial vaginosis are more susceptible to HIV.

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Osel Featured in Chemistry & Industry Magazine

Osel was featured in the September issue of Chemistry & Industry Magazine, a publication of the UK Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), for an article focusing on the role of the healthy vaginal microbiome in women’s health. The article covers the launch of our Phase 2b trial for LACTIN-V, a live biotherapeutic, as well as a recent study presented at the International AIDS 2016 Conference that found that an overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina was associated with both higher transmission of HIV and reduced efficacy of an anti-HIV drug – and highlighted the importance of a healthy vaginal microbiome in preventing the transmission of HIV.

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