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Expression of HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibody Fragments Using Human Vaginal Lactobacillus.

Marcobal A, Liu X, Zhang W, Dimitrov A, Jia L, Lee PP, Fouts T, Parks TP, Lagenaur LA. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2016 Mar 7.



Synopsis: These studies demonstrate that a human vaginal commensal bacteria Lactobacillus, L. jensenii is able express an anti-HIV antibody fragment.  The antibody fragment, m36.4, binds to a region on gp120 called the CD4-induced region and has potency and breadth against numerous HIV-1 envelopes.  We made a stable recombinant L. jensenii 1153-1128 that constitutively expresses m36.4. Delivery of anti-HIV-1 antibodies by Lactobacillus could provide passive transfer of these antibodies to the mucosa and longevity at the site of transmission.